Apr 142010
Abi Robins CD Release Party

Singer/songwriter Abi Robins celebrated the release of her excellent new album For Luck or Lie (Morning Bird Records) at Off Broadway on Monday night in front of a rapt audience.  Abi is a talented artist and will be on tour for pretty much the entire summer, so check her out when she swings through your [Continue Reading…]

Mar 142010
Caleb Travers

Off Broadway, the venerable St. Louis venue located in the historic Lemp district, just keeps getting better.  I seem to get by there every six months or so, and in the few years since Steve Pohlman took over it has seen a host of improvements.  And appropriately, most of them are based around allowing fans [Continue Reading…]

Mar 112010
More Sleepy Kitty

My new friends Sleepy Kitty played a great show at Cicero’s last night and I had the honor of photographing them again.  This time I was armed with my new D700 and 24-70mm f/2.8 glass so I shot like a mad man.  I’ll be adjusting a few settings after editing these shots, but I’m definitely [Continue Reading…]