Feb 062013
NHB Knife Works for FEAST Magazine

The Febuary edition of FEAST is out now and it includes a piece on NHB Knife Works that I shot. Nate Bonner crafts custom kitchen cutlery (alliteration!) and was a lot of fun to work with. The knives were a little trickier to deal with, however. Lighting anything this reflective requires sharp (HA!) concentration and [Continue Reading…]

May 312012
Recent Work: Feast Magazine

So this is pretty exciting: I shot my first cover for Feast Magazine. And it involved MEAT! They say to shoot what you love and it will come through in the final product. Maybe there is some truth to that, because I really dig steak. And before you ask, YES I ate the cuts when [Continue Reading…]

Feb 272012
Oysters for Feast Magazine

Like oysters, every photo assignment has a silver lining. And after shooting this feature for Feast Magazine, on newsstands this week, I have some pearls of wisdom to offer. Ugh. Those are the worst puns ever. Don’t Be Shellfish, It’s A Team Effort But seriously folks, this was a uniquely challenging shoot due to both [Continue Reading…]

Dec 152011
Guerrilla Street Food Truck for Feast Magazine

Since I started working with the amazing folks at Feast Magazine this August, I have yet to encounter an assignment that isn’t both a challenge and a total blast to shoot. This was no exception, but not for the reasons you might think.

Nov 042011
Dorm Room Dinners for Feast Magazine

I mean, if you are a wine enthusiast looking for a cozy, dimly-lit joint in which to enjoy a phenomenal range of wines served by a talented, knowledgeable staff then it’s perfect. But if you are a photographer on the move trying to shoot a fast-moving crew of three chefs working in a makeshift kitchen, it’s flat-out DARK.