Jun 282015
Central Table Rebranding Project

This was a fun, challenging project that took several months to complete. A local food hall underwent a complete overhaul of its menu, branding and interior so I was brought on board by my client to provide fresh visuals for social media and website use. The fun part was combining food and beverage photography with [Continue Reading…]

Dec 042014
Craft Cocktails for The Riverfront Times

I appreciate an adult beverage from time to time and my current hometown of St. Louis is enjoying a resurgence of classic cocktails, so it was an honor to shoot this piece for the Riverfront Times. It was also quite a challenge: shooting portraits of seven people and a dozen cocktails in five locations over [Continue Reading…]

Jul 292014
Lubbert Organic Farms

NOTE: It’s been a crazy summer so I’m just now catching up on some posts. If you want to keep up on the daily follow me on Instagram. I had the honor of photographic the organic farm of a longtime friend recently. It was great to see how the operation runs and to see their [Continue Reading…]

May 302013
New Web Photos For Pi Pizzerias and GRINGO

I was recently hired to shoot a pair of image libraries for online use by the terrific folks that own Pi Pizzerias and GRINGO, a killer new Mexican restaurant here in St. Louis. This multi-day project was a challenge for a number of reasons, the biggest of which was the need to shoot a lot [Continue Reading…]

Feb 142012
Family Recipe Box #4: Breakfast Pizza

This recipe is attributed to my grandma, but I’m pretty sure it can be found on almost every package of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Not to diminish mamaw’s culinary reputation, mind you, but it’s not exactly a revelatory recipe. It’s still yummy though. In any case, it’s a ridiculously easy dish to prepare. Seriously, I’m sure [Continue Reading…]

Feb 052012
Family Recipe Box #3:  Puppy Chow

First off, don’t feed your dog this. It’s laced with chocolate, which is lethal to dogs, plus it has 2 sticks of butter in it and about 900,000 calories so if the chocolate doesn’t kill the pooch it will likely meet its doom via diabetes or a heart attack. Second, while this recipe is essentially [Continue Reading…]

Jan 302012
Italian-Style Pizza for Feast Magazine

DISCLAIMER: I cannot be held responsible for the consequences of you licking your computer monitor while reading this post. A couple months ago, my editor at Feast emailed me to ask, “How do you feel about pizza?”. As much as I wanted to include the word ‘tumescent’ in my reply, I erred on the side [Continue Reading…]