Dec 152011
Guerrilla Street Food Truck for Feast Magazine

Since I started working with the amazing folks at Feast Magazine this August, I have yet to encounter an assignment that isn’t both a challenge and a total blast to shoot. This was no exception, but not for the reasons you might think.

Nov 042011
Dorm Room Dinners for Feast Magazine

I mean, if you are a wine enthusiast looking for a cozy, dimly-lit joint in which to enjoy a phenomenal range of wines served by a talented, knowledgeable staff then it’s perfect. But if you are a photographer on the move trying to shoot a fast-moving crew of three chefs working in a makeshift kitchen, it’s flat-out DARK.

Aug 102010
At The Fair, Part 4 of 6: Eats & Treats

As Anthony Bourdain has repeatedly pointed out, all civilized cultures feature some version of street food based on grilled meats in tube form. Hot dogs, polish sausages, bratwursts, corn dogs–they’re all celebrated icons of festival gastronomy and all were well represented at this fair.

Jun 252010
Meat Porn

I can only imagine the onslaught of disappointed visitors that the title of this post is going to attract, but I strive for accuracy in my reporting and when you see the photos below it will all make sense.  My apologies to the one-handed web surfers. Yesterday I had the pleasure honor of accompanying Kelly [Continue Reading…]