Feb 102016
Fresh Head Shots, New Band Photos

It’s been a busy few weeks at the studio, which was a great way to wrap things up in the old space. I moved out this weekend with my sights set on a new studio. It will be a few weeks before it’s ready for prime time, so it’s all tax returns and paperwork right [Continue Reading…]

Mar 092015
Candice Ivory Promos

One of the perks of being both a working musician as well as a photographer is that I frequently get to shoot folks that I also play with. In this case, I was called on to do fresh promo photos for the very talented Candice Ivory after drumming on her upcoming album. Candice had strong [Continue Reading…]

Jun 282013
NOMaly Promo Portraits

Quick post of some recent work today. These are some promo portraits for musician/actor/author NOMaly. One light, one location, two hours, lots of different looks. Many thanks to Matt Jackson for the assist!

Feb 222013
Promo Photos: Ben Daniel / The Uncredibles

Ben came to me with a fully-formed vision of what he wanted from his new press photos, right down to the props and location. It’s always nice when that happens because it lets me focus on fulfilling my client’s needs within a defined set of parameters. Some might find it confining, but I feel just [Continue Reading…]

Oct 222012
Promos For Dave

This is Dave. He is a musician and musical director for a local church. He is a pretty inspirational dude, mainly due to his ability to stay upbeat and creative while enduring some pretty daunting challenges. I won’t air his personal laundry here, but his sense of humor and positive outlook are downright incredible given [Continue Reading…]

Oct 092012
The “New Years Rulin’s” Project: Behind The Scenes, #9 Wear Clean Clothes - Look Good

[You can read the rest of this series here.] This shoot was a mess. Literally. And intentionally. Let me explain. THE CONCEPT This photo is actually an outtake from a session for Abi’s latest record, “Such A Mess”. She and I had worked together before on some press photos, so I was honored to be [Continue Reading…]

Aug 102012
Musician Portraits - "Bumblebee" Bob Kamoske

When I am approached by musical acts to do photos, there is usually a conversation that takes place regarding concepts for the shoot. Does the artist want something thematic or just a cool portrait? Something dark and moody or airy and bright? Bold colors or subdued, even black and white tones? It’s an important thing [Continue Reading…]

Apr 022012
Meet The Lulus

This should go without saying, but it behooves me to do the best possible work on every single project I shoot. The client hires you, then you should bust your ass to knock it out of the park so that they feel they got what they paid for, right? Duh. But the larger picture, the [Continue Reading…]

Jan 172012
JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound @ The Pageant 1.13.2012

Trying to photograph the perpetual motion machine that is JC Brooks can be a little unnerving, but thankfully there were only four photogs in the pit that night and I was able to chase him around enough to bag a few shots.