Sep 292013
The “New Years Rulin’s” Photo Project: Behind The Scenes, #26 Dance Better

[You can read the rest of this series here.] THE CONCEPT You know the phrase “Dance Like No One Is Watching”? That’s where this image is coming from. Simple. THE PEOPLE Speaking of simple, when you are working with photogenic folks like Paige and Evan of the band Sleepy Kitty, it’s pretty simple to make [Continue Reading…]

Jun 062012
New Sleepy Kitty Photos

When Paige and Evan call and say, “we have this really cool cardboard set we just used for a video shoot and we were wondering if you wanted to come over and take some photos of us with it” you just go. No questions. Just. Go. The dynamic duo (finally a case where that overused [Continue Reading…]

Nov 172010
Sleepy Kitty w/Dresden Dolls @ The Pageant 11.16.2010

My friends Evan and Paige of Sleepy Kitty played their biggest show yet last night, and they kindly asked me to document the night for them. As an admirer of their music, their graphic design business, and their support for my own work I was all too happy to oblige. After watching them perform to [Continue Reading…]

Jul 172010
Zack Arias' OneLight Workshop 7.14.2010

This week I had the honor of coordinating the St. Louis stop on the 2010 OneLight Workshop tour. This successful (or would that be sucksessful?) workshop is hosted Zack Arias, a talented photographer and educator from Atlanta. The basic premise behind Zack’s workshop is that you don’t need a zillion dollars worth of equipment to make a great photo; in fact you can create compelling images with a single light. Hence the whole “OneLight” thing. Duh.

Apr 242010
Hitchcock Kitty

What do you get when you combine a ridiculously creative duo like Sleepy Kitty with a killer location and a lighting-happy music photographer? Well, you get promo photos like this for your band: The Concept Readers of this here blog will recognize Paige and Evan from the live shots I’ve done for them.  I’ve informed [Continue Reading…]

Mar 112010
More Sleepy Kitty

My new friends Sleepy Kitty played a great show at Cicero’s last night and I had the honor of photographing them again.  This time I was armed with my new D700 and 24-70mm f/2.8 glass so I shot like a mad man.  I’ll be adjusting a few settings after editing these shots, but I’m definitely [Continue Reading…]