Feb 072011
Wild Tiger @ The Pageant 2.4.2011

When hometown heroes Story of The Year give you an opportunity to open for them, it’s a no-brainer to seize the chance. But when the gig turns out to be at The Pageant in front of a sold-out crowd it makes things that much sweeter. That explains the giddy smiles on the faces of arena [Continue Reading…]

Oct 052010
Story Of The Year @ The Pageant 10.04.10

The hometown heroes are currently on tour supporting Flyleaf, which has to be making things tough for the headliners. SOTY is one of the most energetic live acts I’ve ever seen, with high flying stage antics and a pummeling sound that ignites audiences worldwide (seriously, they just got back from an Australian tour). And while [Continue Reading…]

Jun 102010
Story Of The Year @ Pointfest 26 6.6.2010

If the music thing doesn’t work out this quintet might make one hell of a basketball team: they all have some serious hang time.