Jun 282015
Central Table Rebranding Project

This was a fun, challenging project that took several months to complete. A local food hall underwent a complete overhaul of its menu, branding and interior so I was brought on board by my client to provide fresh visuals for social media and website use. The fun part was combining food and beverage photography with [Continue Reading…]

Mar 182013
My First Camera - A Childhood School Project Hints At The Future

Folks are usually surprised when I tell them I only got into photography about 5 years ago. Sure, that was when I bought a “real” camera and took the time to learn the mechanical intricacies of this mercurial art form. But I’d had cameras before. I’d taken photos before. I had a little Olympus point-n-shoot [Continue Reading…]

May 132012
"New Years Rulin's" - My Tribute to Woody Guthrie in Photos and Music

For those of you unaware, the folk hero/musician/activist Woody Guthrie would have been 100 years old this year. There are tons of celebrations and centennial tributes taking place throughout the world, but one local tribute caught my attention at the beginning of this year. It also spawned a tribute project of my own. A local [Continue Reading…]

May 052010
Thirty Seconds To Mars Live @ The Pageant, St. Louis 5.4.2010

When you have bands like the dynamic Neon Trees and the hyperkinetic MuteMath opening for you, it says two things about your band: 1) You have awesome taste in music and tour mates 2) You have the utmost confidence in your own stage presence After seeing the two support acts lay waste to the stage, [Continue Reading…]