Feb 122013
I Have A Bomb, On A Boat

First of all, I Have A Bomb is a band (and a darn good one). They just happened to choose a name that no one can mention within a mile of an airport. Just wanna get that out of the way for all of the Feds that are undoubtedly reading this blog post due to [Continue Reading…]

Mar 262011
North Mississippi All Stars w/ Nathaniel Rateliff @ The Pageant 3.25.2011

First off, the band was filming the show. And while this meant sharing precious space in the photo pit with two camera operators and a pair of huge crates for them to stand on, it also meant that the stage lighting was excellent. I was also lucky in that there was only one other credentialed photog in the pit so I was able to shoot from a wide angle to eliminate the stage monitor issue. And, while the band would argue how fortuitous this is, the venue was far from a sell-out so I could shoot from the floor without fighting my way through the crowd.

Oct 272010

Even better, I got to shoot in one of the most photographer-friendly venues I’ve ever encountered. Security was friendly, the pit was spacious, and there was a nifty indent on each side of the stage so I could shoot from the wings of the stage. And while I was restricted by the typical three-songs-and-out rule, security allowed me to stay in the shooting area to watch the rest of the show.

May 252010
Airbourne @ The Pageant 5.21.2010

In the grand tradition of AC/DC (and British bruisers Motorhead), Airbourne brought their high-flying twin-guitar stunt show to the Pageant stage on Friday night in support of Bullet For My Valentine.