Jan 242012
Band Portraits: Matt Hill & The Deep Fryed Two

DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware that “fryed” is not the generally accepted spelling of “fried”. It’s a blues thing. Just go with it. With that out of the way, I’d like to introduce to a positively kickass blues trio fronted by a young firebrand named Matt Hill. Originally from North Carolina, Hill currently makes his [Continue Reading…]

Jan 082012
Cracker @ The Pageant, 1.6.2012

Ah, the benefits of social media. I’ve built a network of friends and colleagues by sharing my work and my interests, and in return I’m continually presented with opportunities like this. The stuff works if you use it for good, not evil.

Nov 012011
Garage a Trois @ 2720 Cherokee 9.30.2011

Stanton Moore is one of my drumming heroes, primarily because his mixture of funk chops and rock bombast aligns perfectly with my own drumming ideals. Of course, he pulls it off much, MUCH better than I typically do. In the past I have photographed Stanton in clinic and with his electrifying band Galactic, but until [Continue Reading…]

Jul 052011
OK GO @ O'Fallon Heritage & Freedom Festival 7.4.2011

I remember thinking that they seemed like a much bigger band than that space was equipped to host, so I was thrilled when given the opportunity to photograph them on a large outdoor stage last night.