Jun 102014
New Promos for Bottoms Up Blues Gang

When guitarist Jeremy-Segel Moss asked me if I wanted to shoot some new promo portraits in a recently burned-out house, it wasn’t hard to say yes. Jeremy and his partner in musical crime, Kari Liston, are always a hoot to shoot with and the attraction of shooting in one very unique location was pretty enticing. [Continue Reading…]

Dec 182013
Band Promos: The Reverbs

A few weeks back I did some fresh promo shots for The Reverbs, a group of stellar musicians that recently shuffled their lineup a bit and needed an updated look for their websites and press kit. If you dig talented bands that span the funk, soul and psychedelic genres you should definitely check these guys [Continue Reading…]

Nov 302013
The “New Years Rulin’s” Photo Project: Behind The Scenes, #33 Wake Up And Fight

[You can read the rest of this series here.] THE CONCEPT Ironically, the final photo in this series was one of the first that I shot. Actually, I think it was the first. Probably because it was the easiest one to setup. The location was my bedroom, the makeup artist is a friend of mine, [Continue Reading…]

Oct 102013
The “New Years Rulin’s” Photo Project: Behind The Scenes, #28 Love Mama

[You can read the rest of this series here.] THE CONCEPT I think this one speaks for itself! It is all about the people involved, so I went for a straightforward, simple and clean portrait. THE PEOPLE Writer Robin Wheeler was one of the keys to this entire project. She was planning a Guthrie centennial [Continue Reading…]

Sep 292013
The “New Years Rulin’s” Photo Project: Behind The Scenes, #26 Dance Better

[You can read the rest of this series here.] THE CONCEPT You know the phrase “Dance Like No One Is Watching”? That’s where this image is coming from. Simple. THE PEOPLE Speaking of simple, when you are working with photogenic folks like Paige and Evan of the band Sleepy Kitty, it’s pretty simple to make [Continue Reading…]

Sep 202013
The “New Years Rulin’s” Photo Project: Behind The Scenes, #25 Play And Sing Good

[You can read the rest of this series here.] THE CONCEPT As I’ve mentioned, this project sprang from the idea to recreate classic portraits of Woody Guthrie using modern musicians that have been influenced by his work. Several iconic images of Guthrie exist, but one of my favorites is this candid portrait which served as [Continue Reading…]

May 302013
Band Promos for Prairie Rehab

I find myself working with a fair number of Americana-type musical acts these days, partly because I have worked with similar acts before and get referrals from them. But I also think that my ability-slash-penchant-for shooting outdoors on location lends itself well to these kinds of artists. Case in point, this shoot I recently did [Continue Reading…]

Jul 252012
Forecastle Festival For KDHX

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing the tenth annual Forecastle Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. Any excuse to visit my favorite city in the Bluegrass State is welcome, especially so when I get to travel with some excellent pals, drink bourbon, and photograph bands like Wilco and My Morning Jacket. Joining me [Continue Reading…]

May 222012

Last weekend, the Folk School of St. Louis hosted the first annual St. Louis Folks and Roots Festival. It featured a great array of both local and national talent playing everything from traditional bluegrass to folked-up versions of Prince jams (yes, that really happened, and it was awesome). The Folk School hired me on as [Continue Reading…]

Mar 132012
Peach for STL LOUD

My pals at R&R Music Labs are cooking up another batch of their STL LOUD music series and among the artists featured on this edition is the power pop trio Peach. I’m a fan of the band and have worked with them in the past, so I was happy to come be a fly on [Continue Reading…]