May 072010
Neon Trees Live @ The Pageant, St. Louis 5.4.2010

Lighting the fuse on a triple bill of explosive bands, Utah’s Neon Trees whipped the mostly unsuspecting crowd when they opened for MuteMath and Thirty Seconds To Mars this week.  And even though the stage was crammed full of equipment, mohawk-coiffed frontman Tyler Glenn made full use of it as he stalked the row of [Continue Reading…]

May 062010
MUTEMATH Live @ The Pageant, St. Louis 5.4.2010

There is only one way to describe the way this band’s stage presence:  hyperkinetic.  Whether Paul Meany is doing handsprings over his keyboard or drummer/manimal Darren King is savagely attacking his vintage Rogers drum kit, the band’s soaring brand of rock epics is buoyed by the band’s relentless energy.  Seriously, if you could bottle this [Continue Reading…]

May 052010
Thirty Seconds To Mars Live @ The Pageant, St. Louis 5.4.2010

When you have bands like the dynamic Neon Trees and the hyperkinetic MuteMath opening for you, it says two things about your band: 1) You have awesome taste in music and tour mates 2) You have the utmost confidence in your own stage presence After seeing the two support acts lay waste to the stage, [Continue Reading…]