Feb 152010

The joys of working from home are plentiful; 30 second commute times, a dress code that makes ‘office casual’ look stuffy, and the lack of corporate overlords shadowing your every move are some of the big pluses. But sometimes, there are domestic distractions that simply prevent one from getting any real work done.  Today was one of those days.

My wife Tracy is gainfully employed (thank God–her benefits are awesome) but was off work today due to the Presidents Day holiday. I let her sleep in and made her lunch, but generally I spent the day in my office behind closed doors trying to stay focused on running my business. Thankfully she understands this and went about her own affairs for most of the day.

I say ‘most’ because about an hour ago I suddenly found it really hard to concentrate on what I was doing-not that updating my mailing database requires that much mental gymnastics-and I didn’t immediately realize why. Now, get your minds out of the gutter; she wasn’t parading around in her skivvies or anything (not today anyway). No, this was MUCH more distracting.

I smelled something. Something that was smearing my synapses with a substance that killed my productivity.  Something like…CHOCOLATE!

Yes friends, she made me a belated V-Day cake. A Huntington Chocolate Cake like the ones she used to make in France all the time. It’s huge. And it smelled unbelievable. Tastes even better.

I am one lucky bastard. But I didn’t get everything done today. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow. And more cake…

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