Nov 102011

And now for something completely different…the first wedding I’ve ever photographed. Before you freak out, read on.

I always said I would never do weddings. I was around them a lot when I was younger since my mom owned a bridal shop and I worked for a while as the bridal registry consultant at a department store (seriously). I saw my share of “Bridezillas”. I know the stresses involved in these things. No way in hell did I want to deal with any of that drama.

And over the last couple years I have turned down every wedding client that has approached me. In that time I did take a few gigs as a second shooter, assisting full-time wedding photogs. And the shoots weren’t bad. No drama, and the events were just as technically challenging as shooting concerts–sometimes even more so. So when I eventually started to consider wedding photography, I made two simple rules:

1) No traditional “churchy” weddings. It’s just not my thing. That, and I hear thunder every time I get near a place of worship. It’s weird. And it makes my cameras act funky.*
2) The couple has to be someone I know or referred by someone I know. That improves the chances of me working with someone cool. Because all my friends are super cool.

So when Dawn was referred to me by a mutual friend, I carefully managed her expectations and explained how I would like to shoot the wedding. We got on fabulously and after some negotiating settled on a contract to secure the date. I procured a reliable assistant to help cover my ass (the talented Jeff Hill) and got my mind right. A trip to the wedding site a week before the date didn’t hurt either.

I spent most of the day shadowing Dawn as she and her bridesmaids readied themselves, then joined Jeff to do some quick portraits of Brian before the ceremony. Said ceremony absolutely FLEW by in something like 12 minutes (mental notes made!), we did some group portraits then took a break before shooting the party at the reception hall.

It was a long, challenging day, but Jeff and I did ourselves proud. I don’t regret taking the job one bit. I had a blast, actually. And the couple loves the photos, which is really all that matters!

Oh yeah, I have two more weddings on the books. They both fulfill both rules. Especially the one at Graceland!

* Part of this sentence may not be true.

  3 Responses to “A Wedding? Dawn & Brian’s Big Day”

  1. Great job on the wedding Corey!! Love the dancing photos! I’m not really a wedding photographer either, so I can relate. 🙂 They do seem to keep falling into my lap though, and I’m sure you’ll be getting a lot more now!

  2. Thanks Crystal. Your style is perfect for weddings!

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